Find Out Site Whether Down Or Not

Montior your website status using "DNSnamez.com". Use the below tool to check website is up or down. Simply enter URL and hit check , here the status....

Site Is Down - What It Really Means? Your site won't be reachable over online around the globe, contents will not be visible to users.
Site Is Up Hurrah ! website status is online anyone can visit your site !!!


Check Site Down For Everyone Or Me

DNSnamez will let you that site is down for everyone, or just you. Pop-in site URL in an input box and get the response.

What Do Next If A Site Is Down

Website down, don't worry! The very first step is to check DNS records when a site becomes down. Need assistance? here it is DNS records

Clear Your Browser Cache

DNSnamez will teach you how to clear brower's cached information. If question raised why? here the answer! Cached information can prevent you from seeing the most up-to-date version of a webpage. In some cases, it can also cause the webpage to load improperly or fail to load at all.

Here some shortcuts to delete specific page in various browser

  • In Linux and Windows browser : Press both Ctrl + F5 simultaneously.
  • In Chrome and Firefox browsers for mac : Press CMD + Shift + R all together.
  • In Apple Safari browser : Press Shift + Reload toolbar button.

How To Clear Cache In Google Chrome Browser

Presss Ctrl + Shift + Del keys all together in your keyboard. Pop-up will come on screen. Select Time range as "All time" from a drop-down list. Hit clear data.

How To Clear Cache In Mozilla Firefox Browser

Press Ctrl + Shift + Del and A popup box will open and then select everything option in the time range to clear: drop-down then click Clear Now button.

How To Clear Cache In Safari Browser

Click Safari → Clear History and then it will be clear.

How To Clear Cache In Internet Explorer Browser

Press Ctrl + Shift + Del and A popup box will open and then click delete button.

How To Clear Cache In Microsoft Edge Browser

Press Ctrl + Shift + Del and then click clear button.

How To Clear Cache In Opera Browser

Press on your keyboard: Ctrl + Shift + Del and A popup box will open and then select the last 4 weeks option in drop-down then click the Clear browsing data button.

Check DNS Propagation

DNS propagation plays a vital role to get website online. Always DNS propagation takes time to get propagate over the internet , here comes the role for ISP. ISP stores DNS records for rapid browsing and low traffic on the web. DNS propagation may rely on how long ISP DNS refreshed.

Contact Your Domain And Hosting Provider

They can provide you even more assistance in this. Make sure you have the correct support phone number on hand.